Welcome to the new data economy! Today, we launched our first campaign that incents consumers to take back control of their social media data. One of the biggest myths on the Internet is that networks like Facebook and Google own our data. This is simply false. We own the data we post and share, and we license it to the social networks. 

Consumer data is the world’s most valuable asset. It is the lifeblood of consumer goods and services brands. Today, little or no value is provided back to consumers – the data producers. Major consumer brands have no legal or ethical access to this most rich, relevant and predictive data to power their prediction and recommendation/decision engines and to drive digital transformation.  This data has been monopolized by consumer social and eCommerce networks like Facebook, Amazon and Google. Until Now.

DataLucent empowers consumers to access and share comprehensive, historical social media data with brands they love and trust, in return for rewards, benefits and personalization via a legal, ethical, secure, transparent and privacy-compliant platform. Our DataLucent Data Exchange (DLX) creates the world’s first practical data exchange for consumers and brands. Individuals compile and license their highly predictive data in exchange for fair value rewards and benefits. Brands recruit and reward customers via DLX in order to generate relevant, specific, actionable consumer insights. Brands continuously use insights to generate content/offers for prospects and existing customers at scale.

Everyone benefits:

Data Producers:
  • Gain economic balance
  • Take control of their data
  • Secure the asset
  • Are free to move it
  • Directly connect with brands
  • Secure access to data
  • Compliant with privacy laws
  • Accurate verifiable data
  • Unbiased and relevant
  • Directly connect with consumers

If you have already joined DLX you are amongst a group of data pioneers and your simple act of taking control of your data is the first step toward building a safer, more secure, and economically just Internet. If you have not joined – what are you waiting for?

                  — Tim Moynihan, Co-Founder, DataLucent